About Us

Welcome To The Classic Perfect World

Server Info:

  • Version: 1.5.1 New Horizons
  • Settings: PvP/PvE Play 2 Win
  • Mods: No
  • Exp/Drops: 1x (Default Official Rate)
  • Classes: 10
  • Races: 5
  • Max Level: 105
  • End Game Gear: R9R3
  • Freebies:
  1. Jone's Blessing
  2. O'Maley Blessing
  3. Teleport Incense
  4. Teleport Stone
  5. Geographic Map
  6. Dreamchaser Pack
  7. Returned Warrior Pack
  8. 300.000 Reputation
  9. Aware of Vacuity Cultivation Rank
  10. 299 Vigor Points
  • FREE Event Boutique Gold: From Vote Rewards or can be purchased in game with coins from PW Boutique Agent
  • FREE Event Boutique Gold: Online Hour Reward for characters with level 60 or more
  • FREE Teleacoustics: From Vote Rewards or can be purchased in game with coins from PW Boutique Agent
  • Special Events: Week-end Double Exp and Drops and Coins as well as random invasions

The Server will maintain its classic/official exp and drop settings, though we will are planning to add new fashion mostly to both boutiques shops as we strongly believe in the Play 2 Win aspect of the game. We are open to suggestions, though we make no promises that we will follow them word by word.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with the game in any form. We will answer your email as soon as possible. Please make sure you provide a valid email when using the contact form and look for our answer in there, sometimes it might arrive in the Spam or Junk folder so check those folders in your email.

News and Updates

Holidays Promo Event - ( 12/22/2021 )

  • Hello everyone!
  • With the occasion of holidays Christmas and New Year, we decided to make a promo of 2x Boutique Gold you will get when donating!
  • The default Boutique Gold is 80 per $1 NOW will be 160 per $1
  • The donation event is available from NOW (the moment this message was released) till 3 January 2022
  • Happy Holidays everyone, and we wish you a great New Year!

New Update - ( 09/20/2021 )

  • Increase stacking size of War Avatar Packs can be stack up to 99999
  • Experience needed to Level Up Character and Pets was cut in half
  • Added Warsong / Lunar Molds to Boutique
  • Added EOO / EOD / Basic Badle to Boutique
  • Added New Fashion, Mounts, and Flyers to Boutique
  • Mysterious Merchant can exchange now 1000 and 10000 Mysterious Chip 10-Pack
  • TW Map Reset so everyone gets a fresh start!


Miscellaneous Changes 4 - ( 06/07/2021 )

  • Players can exchange now 10000 Perfect Token Of Luck for 1 Diamond of Tiger or Diamond of Dragon at PW Boutique Agent (Gift Exchange)
  • Players can exchange now 1000 Perfect Token Of Best Luck for 1 Nuema card set of choice at PW Boutique Agent (Gift Exchange)
  • All Stones (Shards) can be stacked up to 1000 per stack now
  • Added a lot of new fashion to the client, we added several fashion and weapon skins in the Boutique (Event Gold) and we will continue to add new fashion in future updates
  • Added Diamond of Dragon, Diamond of Tiger, and Nuema cards set to Boutique (Gold)

Miscellaneous Changes 3 - ( 04/13/2021 )

  • A lot of items can be stacked now up to 99999 per stack
  • Herbs and Metals can be collected faster now
  • Duty Badge quest will reward 2 Duty Badge now
  • Receive Cog of Fate quest will reward 2 Rotating Cogs of Fate now
  • Challenge Another Enemy quest will reward 2 Basic Badge now
  • Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest skill rates doubled
  • Slightly increased genie addons success
  • Feral Soul Star rewards have been doubled
  • Primordial Blood rewards have been doubled
  • NW map it's smaller now. The default NW map was too big
  • Delta wave times have been lowered, so it takes half time to complete the instance now
  • Increased the chance to drop 3 skills from Hellfire Abomination and Peachblossom Ritualist
  • Donation rewards doubled, increased from 40 Boutique Gold to 80 Boutique Gold

Miscellaneous Changes 2 - ( 02/12/2021 )

  • Twilight Temple, Palace of Nirvana, and Valley Of Reciprocity (Delta) had minimum necessary players to start lowered to 2
  • Rebirth Order amount necessary to start Valley Of Reciprocity (Delta) lowered to 4
  • Added 30 Bound Boutique Gold to the last Returned Warrior pack (LVL 55)
  • Doubled the chance to drop for the skills dropping from Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest
  • Peachblossom Ritualist and Hellfire Abomination (Seat of Torment) will drop now 2 skills (4 when double drops are enabled)
  • Players can craft now 2 General Summers Tokens in exchange for 9999 Mysterious Chips
  • Added a new custom quest that will reward 3 Bound Boutique Gold to all characters online and at least LVL 60 or above every hour
  • Donation reward increased to 1 USD = 40 Boutique Gold