Welcome To The Classic Perfect World

Server Info:

  • Version: 1.5.1 New Horizons
  • Settings: PvP/PvE Play 2 Win
  • Mods: No
  • Exp/Drops: 1x (Default Official Rate)
  • Classes: 10
  • Races: 6
  • Max Level: 105
  • End Game Gear: R9R3
  • Freebies:
  1. Jone's Blessing
  2. O'Maley Blessing
  3. Teleport Incense
  4. Teleport Stone
  5. Geographic Map
  6. Dreamchaser Pack
  7. Returned Warrior Pack
  8. 300.000 Reputation
  9. Aware of Vacuity Cultivation Rank
  10. 299 Vigor Points
  • FREE Event Boutique Gold: From Vote Rewards or can be purchased in game with coins from PW Boutique Agent
  • FREE Teleacoustics: From Vote Rewards or can be purchased in game with coins from PW Boutique Agent
  • Special Events: Week-end Double Exp and Drops and Coins as well as random invasions

The Server will maintain its classic/official exp and drop settings, though we will are planning to add new fashion mostly to both boutiques shops as we strongly believe in the Play 2 Win aspect of the game. We are open to suggestions, though we make no promises that we will follow them word by word.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with the game in any form. We will answer your email as soon as possible. Please make sure you provide a valid email when using the contact form and look for our answer in there, sometimes it might arrive in the Spam or Junk folder so check those folders in your email.

Boutique Changes 1

  • Increased the Ammount of Teleacoustic to 100
  • Increased the Ammount of War Avatar Treasure Box to 100
  • Increased the Ammount of War Avatar Catalyst to 50
  • Added War Avatar Pack S with the Amount of 25
  • Added Medal Of Glory with the Amount of 1
  • Added O'Malley's Blessing Ticket and Jones' Blessing Ticket
  • Increased Several Packs Amount to 100

Boutique Changes 2

Boutique Changes

  • Added Celestone Box with the amount of 50
  • Added Dragon Orb (6 Star) with the amount of 2
  • Added Dragon Orb (7 Star) with the amount of 1
  • Increased the amount of Chienkun Stone to 50

General Changes

  1. Starting 16 January, we will have double exp and double drops events each weekend
  2. We will start randomly the Archosaur Invasion through the day