To Download the Game Client, please click one of the following buttons from below ...

Installation Steps:

  1. After download, unarchive " " using 7-Zip or WinRar

  2. Enter in folder " TheClassicPW " and start StartTheClassicPW.bat to start the game.

  3. IF the launcher notifies you that there are new updates, please let the launcher complete them.

  4. If you have any issue or you need help join our Discord channel:


  • Your Antivirus might flag our " elementclient.exe " as a virus because of our anti-cheat protection.
  • Please add elementclient.exe or full TheClassicPW to your antivirus exemption list.
  • Click here to find how you can do it for Windows Defender on Windows 10

The game might have a delay of a few seconds when it starts, do not panic.
That's due to our anti-cheat protection initialization before starting the game.